Abroad in Paris: Week 5

This week and weekend I actually didn’t travel but rather, spent the week bonding with Paris. As much as I love the ability to get to different countries on the weekend, it was nice to stay home, relax, and not worry about getting to the airport.

Friday, after our classes, Lena and I went to see an exhibit called “Love in Paris” down by Hotel de Ville. We had walked by it a few times earlier in the week and it always had a big line, so we figured it was probably worth checking out. We waited for about 40 minutes in line and when we entered, it turns out it was a whole exhibit on Brassai, a photographer who captured Paris in the 1920’s and 1930’s. All of the pictures were an incredible glance back in time, however it only took about 15 minutes to walk through the entire exhibit… after we had just waited for 40 minutes out in the cold.

Later in the evening, we met up with a friend to try a Cambodian restaurant in Chinatown called Mondol Kiri. After dinner, we met up with Lena’s cousin, who actually lives in Paris, and went to a few bars.

Saturday turned out to be a bit of a fail. Lena and I tried (yes, tried) to go to the Natural History Museum. We set a meeting time and location at the closest Metro stop to the museum but I arrived earlier than planned and she was delayed, so I thought I was in the wrong spot. (Yay for not buying a French sim card). I went to the other closest Metro stop and still no Lena. I then tried to find the entrance of the museum to find that it is actually made up of a few buildings, with massive gardens, so there was pretty much no way we could have found each other. After waiting for about 30 minutes, and still no Lena, I went back home.

On my way home, I walked around the Marais, just in case Lena got Wifi and was able to text me but the Marais was packed and I decided to walk home. After I got home, there was a pounding at the door, and guess who it was?! Lena!! Luckily, we both had the same thought and went to my apartment, where she figured she would either find me, or be able to access the Wifi from the other side of the apartment door. As you can see, Saturday was a fail, but we made up for it by cooking a yummy meal and watching Midnight in Paris.

On Sunday, you will be happy to know that we successfully met for falafel in the Marais at La’s Du Falafel, however I got stuck in the middle of the Paris Half Marathon on my way there. I tried to cross the street to get to Gare de Lyon but there was no way to cross the street. I did try to run among them, but as you can imagine, that was not pretty. I swear I was having visions of the scene from Lion King where Mufasa gets trampled by whatever those horned-deer-like animals are. Also, side note, this was the first time that I saw mass amounts of Parisians in colorful clothing!

After lunch, we went to the Pompidou, Paris’ modern art museum. The Pompidou is a pretty weird place with confusing architecture. The museum itself is massive so it took us about 2 hours to get through only 2 floors. After the museum, we went our separate ways to get some homework done, but fear not, we met up later for dinner in Chinatown, again, to get pho.

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