Abroad in Paris: Week 3

This weekend, I got to take my first weekend trip whilst being abroad to England. I say England and not London, because we actually spent one night in London and then took a train up to Nottingham to see my friend.

Friday afternoon, Lena and I met up for sandwiches (crucial) and then took the metro to the RER that eventually got us to CDG airport. Once we landed in London, we took the Paddington Expressway to our hostel which was conveniently located right across the street from Paddington Station. We stayed at a hostel called Pride of Paddington which was actually amazing. There is a pub on the first floor that serves all your British food needs- bangers and mash, fish and chips, full English Breakfast. We stayed in a shared room which is always an adventure. (Shout out to our roomies that came home at 4:30 AM and turned on all the lights). Overall, for 15 pound, I will take it.

Friday night we grabbed some ciders at the pub in our hostel while we waited for our friends, who are studying abroad in London, to get out of class. We then met at Wagamama (classic) for some Asian Food

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at the pub downstairs (because breakfast was free with our stay) and it was actually delicious. We shared a full English breakfast and some pancakes with bacon.

After breakfast, we did the most condensed version of London sight seeing. We took the bus by Buckingham Palace to Trafalger Square, then walked from there to the Embarkment to get a view of Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye. Then we walked to Westminster Abbey and hopped on the tube to cross the river to walk down the Thames River to see Tower London, eventually ending up at Borough Market for lunch. At Borough Market we got fish and chips, duck confit sandwiches and chorizo sandwiches. Then we ran to the train station to catch a train to Nottingham.

We arrived in Nottingham at about 6 PM and went straight to Lizzie’s house to be greeted by all her housemates. They prepared a chili dinner for us and the four of us ate with the six of them! We got ready to go and went out to a few bars- one was actually a converted church called Pitcher and Piano. Sunday morning we woke up, made a breakfast of crumpets and then walked around campus. We also walked over to Wollaton Hall and Park (aka Batman’s house) and then rushed back to our bus to London to get our flight home.

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