Welcome to The Brisket Diaries

Hi, I’m Gracie- author (and, I guess, owner?) of The Brisket Diaries. I am originally from the Bay Area, CA but currently live, work and eat in Washington, DC. I am a corporate recruiter by day and wanna be chef/ food obsess-er by night.

I developed a love for cooking by watching my dad in the kitchen when I was growing up, but I didn’t actually “fall in love” with food until I moved across the country and had to learn to cook my favorite meals on my own. In college, I was the only person on my dorm floor that had pots and pans and didn’t eat every meal in the cafeteria. As soon as I moved off campus, my friends and I would host themed dinner parties (can you even call them dinner parties while you are still in school?) and when I graduated, I moved into a studio apartment where I had to learn to cook for 1.

I pull influence from many different place- growing up in the farmers market capital of the world (shout out to Marin County), studying abroad in Paris, growing up Jewish (everything revolves around food) and my overall fascination and passion for Asian cuisine.

I love shopping at Asian Markets (aka H Mart), racking up OpenTable points, collecting cookbooks (if I buy one more, I swear my boyfriend will freak out), and finding new restaurants to try with my friends. This blog is just an excuse to try new recipes and restaurants- I might as well share my adventures along the way!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you subscribe so you will get updated as soon as I post something new!

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